Collision repair

At Palm Beach Auto Painting and Collision Center customer satisfaction is our top priority. We know that having an auto accident is stressful, so we strive to take as much of that stress away as possible. Below you'll find a list of services that we provide to ensure that your experience the least amount of stress though this stressfull situation.


We offer 24 hour towing. We'll schedule a tow truck to tow your vehicle from your vehicle's location to our body shop.
NOTE - If you're making an insurance claim, the costs of towing might be covered in your policy. It's best to check with your insurance carrier to verify if towing is covered.


PBAPCC works closely with a lot of rental companies and can have you picked up and driven to the company that will be issuing you a rental car.
NOTE - The costs of your rental migh be covered by your insurance policy. It's important to check first to ensure that this is a costs that is covered.

Manage your insurance claim

Our support team will deal with the insurance company for you, from meeting with the adjuster for the original estimate, to taking the photos and making sure that all the costs, minus your deductable, to repair your vehicle is covered.

Order the parts needed for repairs

Once we've meet with your insurance adjuster we'll order the parts necessary to repair your car. Parts typically take about three to five business days to arive at our shop. Once we've received all the parts the repair process is started.

Coordinate with technicians for repairs

We have multiple technicians, each trained to work on different parts of a vehicle. Your car will be assigned the technician(s) most suited to fix the parts of your vehicle that were damaged.

Getting you back on the road

We provide all these services to ensure that you're back on the road as soon as possible and that the entire process is as stress free as possbile.

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